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Low Frame Rate CMBB

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My CM:BB became really really slow after changing my computer. Now CM:BB has very very low frame rate in battlefield. It doesn't slow down at all in menus and stuff. Any ideas?

My new com:

Asus P4PE

P4 2533MhZ


GF4 Ti4200

My sound card is intergrated so I can't tell the model.

Windows XP

Thanks for answers.

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Is it really slow during all your games or just when you're playing in a heavily forested area? If it's just during games with a lot of trees, try knocking back the tree coverage ( SHIFT + T ) to moderate or sparse. Reducing the terrain element display ( SHIFT + N ) & horizon range ( SHIFT + H ) helps a bit too, but the big one is the amount of trees. That's all I know about this one; sorry I can't be of more assistance.

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The problem could very well be your videocard drivers. Nvidias newest drivers, version 43.45, caused my framerates to crawl after I installed them and I had to uninstall them and revert to an older version. You might have had these preinstalled on your computer.

You can find older drivers on Nvidias homepage in their Drivers archive

You'll have to experiment some I'm afraid.


In case you can't find your way through Nvidia's web site here is a link to the version 29.42 drivers. These work with CMBB, you will get decent frame rates though some features are not perfect.

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Most likly the drivers.

I have an Nvidia Geforce 4 Ti4200.

I had the 41 drivers on there, works fine no prolbem. Now the new drivers, 43 come out, I install them and try CMBB.

CMBB is so slow, no matter what I do or where I look, the screen moves very slowly, it's like I am getting 5FPS of something.

So I reverted back to my old 41 drivers and works just fine again.

So that might be your problem.

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30.82 Detonators are still the safest bet for Nvidia cards for all games across the board. You can find them here. Make sure you uninstall your old drivers first, which will show in your Add/Remove Programs menu in WinXP. Reboot and then install the new (old) drivers.

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The 30.82 drivers don't support Geforce 4-series cards though. They will work with them without problems, but they won't give optimum perfromance.

If you play other games than CMBB I advise you to use newer drivers for better overall performance. The 29.42 drivers are a newer version than 30.82, I should probably add, Nvidia's numbering system is just funky.

What you give up with the 29.42 drivers in CMBB is only antialiasing as far a I know.

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