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Command Bug?

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Playing a game recently one of my squads was a little beaten up but seemed to recover well, hiding in a wood.

However, as soon as I clicked on them to give them new orders their command line shot off way away from their commander, who wasn't far away and led to a distant clump of trees behind enemy lines where there was no unit at all.

The line also indicated they were out of command ie, it was black.

When they finally got round to moving the line remained with them, just as long, but as before, with no HQ there and out of command.

I have a pic of this but can't seem to upload it right now....

Anyone know what's going on here?

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Hmmm. Might be tied to that lil' problem where tanks sometimes came into the following battles of an operation with thier command lines attaching to a near by Company CO (from the infantry). This only happened (IIRC) if the tank lost it's own platoon commander tank in a previous battle.

In your case, it seems your squad has somehow switched "sides" to an enemy HQ unit. And with FOW on, you cannot see the enemy HQ unit, but the command line gives it away.

You might want to try and area target that spot where the command line leads. Target it with MASSIVE arty, or on board mortars. Maybe even direct fire HE. That might "fix" the problem. (I bet the enemy HQ hiding there will wonder how in the hell you spotted him!) Heh heh

Or you could hunt down the turn-coat villanous scum-bag within your squad that has linked himself to the enemy!



P.S. This does seem like a little bug. The 1st bug I mentioned, I thought was fixed in the 1.02 patch. But it happened to me just yesterday in an OP. Doesn't really last, however. The tank soon loses the command line once the battle begins. (So it's no big deal.) But in your case, it seems to persist. I'd make a save game and send it in to Madmatt.

[ March 04, 2003, 05:36 PM: Message edited by: Gpig ]

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