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Available at The Depot, PBEM scenario “Road to Moscow”.

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Road to Moscow available at The Depot Designed as a two-player (only) scenario.

This battle has been extensively play-tested. It works very well for PBEM with its setup zones and 25+ turns, action can come very quickly. It is a fictional scenario with higher quality troops on both sides aimed at play-balance, not historical accuracy. The order of battle of infantry supported by armor has led to some very entertaining playing. Deadly small arms firefights, ambushes, engineer assaults and cat-n-mouse armor duels have all contributed to some very lively play testing.

Title: The road to Moscow.

Type: Meeting Engagement. (Fictional)

Date: September 1941.

Location: A small town which the highway to Moscow runs through.

Region: Central.

Weather: Cold, damp, snowing.

Terrain: Forest and marsh.

Wind: Windy, a cold north wind.

Turns: 25+

Author: Abbott

September 1941

It is cold, windy and damp. The leaves have turned and snow is beginning to fall. Moscow lies 40 kilometers to the east and resistance along the Moscow highway has been steadily stiffening for the past couple of weeks. This is the only paved highway for hundreds of kilometers and it is heavily defended. Battle is expected again with the coming dawn.

Playing recommendations: (Approximately 2,000 points)

As this is a Meeting Engagement two-player only is highly recommended with extreme fog of war.

Single-player; Extreme fog of war and very important ***Computer free to place units*** I would suggest giving the computer a solid bonus as the AI’s troops take more time to deploy then human player’s troops.

*Thanks to the guys from the MasterGoodale thread and Michael Dorosh for their aid in play testing this scenario*.

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Axe and I are finishing this up, too. I can't agree more, Abbott has made a beauty of a map and a nail-biter of a scenario. I'll be reviewing it at the Depot when we finish; right now I'm hoping Axe doesn't have any more little "surprises" for me. There have been far too many already. :eek: :D

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Thanks Dave the battle has undergone a couple of revisions. The German side has been given more options terrain wise (the bridge near the rail facilities is removed and a side road added near the church among other small changes). The OOB has also undergone a few minor changes aimed towards play balance. You may want to download the finished version from The Depot and take a peek at the map. I am very pleased the play testers enjoyed this one as much as I enjoyed building and testing it.

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