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Any evidence of casualties by hand grenade?

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May be it's only a bad luck, but while betatesting the new CMAK scenarios I focused for the first time in so many years of CM fighting over the evidence of casualties inflicted by the explosion of hand grenades.

I'd carefully watched hours of replay to find if at the moment, or immediately after, the sight and sound effect of explosion of a single grenade, not bundle or satchel, I could see the unit counter scaled down by one ore more digit. Nothing. Some times the casualties occurred but the target units was under fire also of small arms, so there is non conclusive evidence. On te contrary I saw many guns disabled by exclusive grenade tossing , without casualties in the crew, and, obviously, many tank hit.

Now, anyone has a screenshot sequence that proved the direct link beteween grenades and casualties?


Massimo Rocca

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I have no positive evidence, as the casualties only showed up after the battle:

I had an urban defense in a foggy night with viz at 30m. I had a vet/crack mot PzGren plt in a forward position secured by burning woods, wire and mines. Ammo at 40%. Each squad caused 100+ casualties. The Soviets lay in a dense heap on the street, just where the wire touched the burning woods. I doubt any of my units had LOS to that heap - those units were unspotted (and I guess I should have seen at least some of them if they were in LOS!). I counted them as damage from the hand grenades my men threw at those units crossing the wire a bit to the right.

And of course I witnessed several occasions where hand grenades threwn at pinned enemies caused casualties to nearby freindly units :mad:



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Like you said, it's hard to tell for sure when you're recieving small arms fire at the same time you see the small grenade burst and a casualty result.

My favorite was as the Russians, I had a regular squad shot to hell and rout, then recover and hide. All that was left was two guys with an LMG, a rifle, and one grenade -- no Molotovs. Here comes a buttoned up Tiger I right beside them and they attack it with that one grenade -- and get it immobilized! So then I have all kinds of small arms fire on the green tiger till it abandoned! What a stroke of luck! smile.gif

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