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Why won't it let me?

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I've just started a massive 5000+ point quick battle (purely as an experiment to see how well my PC could handle such a large game).

The problem I have is that I've got some Russian 122mm FOs which I want to embark in an M5 halftrack. The game won't let me do it. Yet, it will allow me to embark 120mm Mortar FOs on the same vehicles! It also won't let me put an 82mm FO in them either. This is a little bit screwy. I'm not overloading the vehicles, the game simply won't let me place them on the vehicle and display the word "embark" when I do so.

Does anybody have any ideas why this won't work?

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Originally posted by Private Bluebottle:

Ah! That could well explain it. It is possible to lay wire from a vehicle in real life though.

As a Sig who used to lay a bit of wire, the veh has to be moving pretty slowly, not much faster than walking speed really. This is referring to just sitting on the back of a Rover or Mog.

Driving around at walking speed while laying wire is not a done thing under fire or near the battlefront, attracts far too much unwanted attention.

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