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Mod Challenge - Armoured Trains

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I was leafing throught Tanks by Mackcsey & Batchelor, anyways on pg 114 there are 5 armoured trains profiled, one carriage has a mounted Tiger turret. "...the Russians and Germans used them along the lenghty tracks running across the steppes and through the thick forests. In Russia ambush and derailment were perpetual hazards in a war on communications fought in isolation from the armoured drives at the front, but were absolutely vital to the fighting soldiers who depended on supplies brought by rail". This would be a great looking mod with camo and all the trimings, any takers. The illustrations by the way are artist's rendition's no source is mentionned.


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Originally posted by Bruno Weiss:

Be positive now. "I think I can, I think I can, I think I can, I -- think -- I -- canananan, IknewIcould IknewIcould IknewIcould..."

Now, if ya hold the pipe in yer mouth and puff smoke while saying that it kinda looks and sounds like a train. :D


hehehe...Your sooo right!!! :D

I've magically transported myself and I'm right here..in a transport train on the Russian Steppe. It's pretty cramped in here (I've simulated these cramped conditions by encouraging my wife and two kids to cram into this cupboard under the stairs!!)We got another 16 hours in here until we have reach Leningrad but the "comrades" are becoming ever increasingly restless as this is their first journey to the Eastern Front..... "Come on kids I know your tired but you have to keep up the I-think-I-cans so it feels real" (maybe their just tired and trying to escape the clutches of their cruel, psychotic Feldwebel).

I'm taking my mind off the long journey by writing a letter home (which is a bit ironic as that's where I am) but it's kind of dark in here and the comrades keep nudging against me!!

To further enhance our experience we are periodically lifting the sewing machine on one of the shelves in here over our heads to simulate fly overs by Russian PO2 biplanes. We take turns at spotting it first and shouting "Nähmaschine!!!" At this we cut the rythmic train noises and run out of cupboard and dive behind the furniture..Sheeshh!! at this rate we are never going to get to Leningrad :(

Well this life size train mod may not fit the game engine but it's way better then clciking pixels around a stupid computer monitor.

Take Care


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