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RARE kill?

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Having the same problem, I set up a shooting gallery with 8 reg. wooden bunkers and 8 german reg. AT rifles in 415m distance. Hit chance is 30%. In 6 turns of firing, I've got a lot of partial penetrations, some firing slit hits and a few clear penetrations. One bunker of 8 was abandoned (no crew losses) after being fired at 27 times; I did not count the number of hits. No visible effect on the other 7 so far.

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Sounds to me that you are wasting your time and ammo but I remember somebody some time ago that I felt knows what he's talking about said that he always shot anyway even if there was no chance cause some times stuff happens. So fire away I guess but I would maybe make your men a pot of coffee they may be there awhile.

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Originally posted by GRUMLIN:

Evening all. I am plinking away at a pillbox with six AT rifles and they all have 'rare' as the kill chance. Now what does that mean? 5%? 10%? am i wasting ammo?

Having been on the other side of the spectrum,

I'd say you are wasting your time.

I have endured 20 odd turns of Master Goodale ceasely

plinking at my Wooden Bunkers and Pillbox MGs with ATRs to absolutely no effect.

'Course BadJoke, knife weilding the bastard finn that he is, gun damaged my sole KV the last game we played, so rarely u get lucky.

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Originally posted by JasonC:

I take "rare" to mean on the order of 1%. That is still useful with ATRs because they have 50-75 ammo. Use as much of it as possible. The obvious reason for many hits being needed is the limited "behind armor effect" of a small caliber, single shot weapon.

1% or 2% seems right to me. And I also agree that they are still useful because you *can* plink all day...and what else are you going to do with ATRs, anyway?

Actually, I tend to think that ATRs are pretty much exactly right in CMBB - they are generally weak, but not so weak that you can stand around unconcerned as round after round bounces off of your light armor.

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