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Possibly a unit portrait mod floating around anywhere?

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Is there? I saw the ASL portrait mod for CMAK. Hasn´t that been done for CMBB? It looked cool, informative, and aestethically pleasing.

When on the subject: I was fiddling a bit some time ago with the unit portraits, replacing them with real black and white photos. And to me, if remembered correctly, it seemed that for every branch(wehrmacht infantry, Mechanized, SS etc)there were three sets of bmp's:

the same portraits repeated all the way but with different numbers.

Why it is like that? What´s the meaning in having three different bmp´s for one purpose? Let´s say I have three MG42´s on a map. I replace the stock portraits with new ones that differs from each other. I would still get the same portrait for all my MG42´s. Thus, my effort to 'individualize' my units, would be in vain.

I don´t know if I have expressed this issue in an understandable way here, if I haven´t - ignore. Either if I have or not - A happy new year. ;)



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Although this is not a great help to you, I know for a fact that there _is_ a hi-res unit portrait mod floating around. It's probably at CMMODS, though I'm not sure about that.

I actually had it installed for a while, but the problem was that the mod had a different colour of pink for the skin, which then did not match the neck colour that comes with the uniforms! That looked strange, and irritated me, so I ditched it.

But now you know it does exist, maybe you can search in more hope of finding it :)


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