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*MOD* Panther A Early...Any Interest?

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Based on a request from Bogdan for a Moddable Panther, I got to working on the Panther A early and I came up with these ideas:





"The Last Panther A"


"The Last Panther A on a Frosty Morning"


Unfortunately, I think the first two designs were already done up by someone (they look really familiar to me).

Well, if there's any interest I can post them; or I can modify them.


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Very nice. I had noticed your steel grey Panther at CMMODS and was expecting a few cool camou variants to follow closely behind. Finally the floodgates of German camou mods are starting to open! :D

If I can just get out from under another project I've got I'd love to add a version or two of my own to the growing pile (maybe a Zimmerit version?). Maybe next week. Thanks and appreciation to you for the 'worker' Panther A, the same as thanks to MrNoobie for that 'worker' KT of his from a few weeks back.

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Congratulations Zimorodok ! Your "Last Panther" is magnificent ! :cool:


I've send you a mail this morning about winter version for Pz V ausf. G. Please have a look at the post created by Tracer (IIRC) about suggestions for new mods (look there ). It appears that some panzers are missing in winter version...

Thank you again for the work ! Let's go at cmmods.com now... smile.gif

All the best

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