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Malakovski's Dirty Bomb

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Dirty tanks...dirty tracks...now dirty explosions.

For those of you who would like things to blow up as if they had something other than a bucket of gasoline and a stick of dynamite under them cough-hollywood-cough, here it is.

This started as a blatant rip-off of Undaunted's muzzle flash mod when I saw the first monocolor rendition and wanted to improve it. However, the bright flash that also accompanied all explosions quickly became the focus.

I started tweaking the rest of the explosion animation to make the first flash more dramatic. Darkening the first couple frames made the flash stand out more.

But hang on...thinking back to all the real explosions I've ever seen, the only flash or fire I ever saw was brief, and the rest was...dirt. All that roiling fire and black smoke was just special effects.

So here it is, a bright burst followed by a shower of dirt. The final mod will contain three flashes in several sizes, and two different sets of subdued explosion textures. It will be posted at Cmmods once I've checked every combination and written up a readme.

In the meantime, here is the "best," in my opinion, set, for any who wants to play with it before I post the final version. Please post pinkies of other anomalies here...


Original 'splodies:


The dirty bomb:


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Originally posted by Malakovski:

Hello! Is it a sound mod? Does dirt result in secondaries?



Sheesh yourself!

Soldier pulls pin on grenade, get's ready to throw, is hit on nose by exploding dirt clump, drops grenade.....Secondary Explosion!!

[ May 22, 2003, 10:59 AM: Message edited by: Jim Boggs ]

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Thanks for all the positive feedback. You're all helping insure that many more hours will be wasted modding in the future!

Seriously...no wait, I was being serious before, too...anyway, I'm glad I'm no the only one who likes the effect.

NEXT STOP...craters. They really need work. Somehow I don't think an 81mm mortar shell is really going to leave a 1m wide hole in the ground, or a nice neat one with a tidy ring of dirty around it. What it needs is a little crater and a whole lot of dirt thrown around.

BUT...I haven't had any luck finding photos of craters from above. I'm pretty useless as a freehand artist with Photoshop, so I like to work with some kind of original, even if I end up modifying it quite a bit.

SO...if anyone can point me to some crater shots, this may be my next project.

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Originally posted by Limey:

I seem to remember someone did a shockwave mod when CMBB first came out. Don't know what it was like cos I never tried it. Also don't know where it can be got. Don't know a lot really........ :rolleyes:

Well, it did look like that for large explosions. Only the shock wave moves much faster. I would love to see shockwaves for the big booms.

The mod, if I recall, didn't look that great because you can't do transparency (other than 100% transparent) and the way the explosion animation is "played" didn't cooperate.

Maybe you could add an expanding ring over the existing explosion, but it still wouldn't look right because the "shockwave" would be passed by the "body" of the explosion.

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