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Its ALIVE!!!

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It's not so tiny if you're a Polish, French, Dutch, Belgian, British, Yugoslav, Greek or Russian infantryman with a trifle, bayonet, 40 rounds and a grenade to fight it with!!

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Looks like they were reinacting the early part of the war when the trifle shortage was acute in the Soviet Army. This was mainly due to Stalin's pre-war 5 year plan that basically regulated trifle production down to the level of cast iron condom production. It wasn't until 1943 that trifle production was finally up to usage and spoilage levels. Ironically cast iron condom production was always up to usage and spoilage levels.


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Definitely conscript troops. ;)

Yep, the Pz38t was small and dangerous for it's occupants who could practically never survive a serious penetration. OTOH, it wins vs. a T26 (see middle pic above).

Anywho, great to see those Pz38t pics!!! awesome! Patboy, can I use that first one (dry condition) in my 22nd PZD scenario packs?

If anyone would like some historical scenarios featuring the Pz38t, you could try out my "22nd PZD" series at the Proving Grounds.

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