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QB rules (buying)

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Go to this link and check out Scipio's Rules, or Fionn's Rules.


They both provide some rules to limit super-tanks. That means that the Russian can't load up on KV tanks in 1941, the German can't load up on Tigers in 1942, or Panthers in 1943.

I think it is:

Russian can only buy one T-34 for every 750 of total points until I think January 1942. Can only buy one KV tank for every 1500 points until January 42.

German can only buy one Tiger for every 1500 points from August 42 until January 43.

From Feb 43 to Sep 43 the German can buy one Tiger or one Panther for every 1250 points.

After September 1943, both sides can buy anything they want.

I have used these rules and I think they do a good job of keeping things balanced during the time periods when one side or the other was seriously behind in balance between available tank models. I certainly also recommend using casualties, I usually select either 30% or random. Used in conjunction with the rules above, casualties make it very risky for the German player to load up on Tigers or Panthers.

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No, rarity simply makes rare stuff more expensive. And some unbalanced stuff is not really that rare, or then the countermeasures are even rarer. If you want balanced games (even if that means untypical forces), play with rarity off.

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