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Quick Battles and "House Rule" for Rarity

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I just completed a 1,600 X 1,600m Steppe map to import into a 3,000 pt QB (Soviet Attack/Assualt)

The time period is July '43 (South). The intent is to have 2 Mech force fight for 3 Dynamic Flags (flag worth 1,500 pts)

I have offerd my opponent the following "House Rule" and I thought I might as well float it here.

With Rarity on "Standard"

Force Mix and Experience = Un-Restricted

"Each side can only purchase 2 items from each category, i.e., Support, Vehicle, Armor, Artillery, of greater than 30% Rarity rating, in any combination."

Example: (from July '43, South)

From Support: Axis could purchase 2 X 37mm AA guns or 1 X 37mm AA and 1 X 150mm IG, or some combination, etc.

Armor: Soviet could purchase 2 X 152mm Assualt Gun, or some combination, etc.

Axis could purchase 2 X Ferdinand TDs, etc.

Artillery: Limits each side to 2 aircraft or 1 aircraft and 1 heavy artillery FO, or some combination.

Vehicle: Limits Soviet to 2 half-tracks or some combination.

My intent is for an unknown force mix, but without either side going nuts on exotic units.

I'm not sure if this would work for other time periods, but for July '43, this looks reasonable to me.




Thanks in advance,


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It is reasonable to allow each side only a few items of low rariety. However, since the rariety system doesn't deal with cherry picking to begin with, it won't give you play balance if that is what you are after. Some killer items are low rariety by the game's account of things that were actually the narrow top end of a type distribution at that date. Counters to them that are indispensable if they are allowed can be high rariety on the other side, even when they were more common on the actual battlefield - because rariety is measured against own side items in the same sub-category, not overall forces.

In July 1943 the Germans have Tigers and thick StuGs with low rariety numbers. The Russian counters - 57mm ATGs, 85mm AA, lend lease tanks - are pretty much all high rariety. With the rariety system you propose and that force type and date, the Germans will be heavy favorites for no good reason other than the imposed rariety limits.

From the Russian point of view, rariety off is a fairer fight in July 1943.

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Thanks Jason C.

You make some good points. I was thinking/hoping that the purchase price alone would keep down the number of Stugs and Tigers, as they do fall at or below the 30% cut-off point (House Rule) for July '43.

The next map I'm making is for Aug '43 but is going to be HUGE so that the Axis will have to fight a mobile defense. I guess until I play-test an opponent on a huge map, I won't really know just where the advantage lies, as far as (Axis) quality vs (Soviet) quantity. Certainly, on small maps or with terrain not fit for manuever, the T-34 is a loser vs Stugs and Tigers.

I intend to create some "Mechanized Madness" where elements of a Soviet Mech Bde crash the party, and the Axis Mech bouncers must "ask" them to leave, but it will be in QB format so the opponents can pick their own force.

Thanks again for your input,



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