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Newbie question - Can you watch an entire battle replay?

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I'm sure this is not a new question, but I've looked everywhere without finding an answer. I've read the manual, I've read the FAQ, I've searched the forums, I've Googled my heart out, yet I still can't find an answer.

Is there any way to watch a replay of an entire battle instead of just one turn at a time? I'd really like to do this, both for AI games and for PBEM games after I finish them.

Another unrelated question, but is there any way to play AI versus AI? I'd really like to be able to sit back and observe the AI without any interference, seeing how adaptable it is in certain situations.

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A few years ago somebody made a program to do this,however,a 1 minute turn for cmbo had the size of 700 MB.

It wasnt a fluid moving film too,but it were lots of images played with a few seconds interval after eachother.

I cant recall his name nor the name of the program,you should do a search through the forums history to find it.

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