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Self replenishing units??

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Just played a QB with hungarian troops Vs Soviet pure armour, odd thing was my tank-hunter team moved to the rear of a T34, threw there nades and missed with the Panzerfaust, Oh well I thought, then the next turn they somehow had some grenades again, chucked them and disabled the tank, I saved the game but it ended just after this happens. I can imagine troops scurrying about looking for AT weapons and there was dead friendlies lying about but is this a bug or a nice feature that simulates desperate men searching corpses for grenades? I am on 1.02 CDV. Any questions or comments to this phenomenon would be welcome.

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The symbol you see is much like the 3 man squad.It is a representaion,its not actually how many nades you have.I forget how many each symbol represents though.I was also thinking that a squad never runs out(?),i am not sure about that though.

Think about it this way:

Each man in a squad(or team)carries 2-3 nades times how many men you have in a squad = alot of nades.Also, i would assume that a tank hunter team would carry alot of 'em.

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It is something like 5 nades per symbol, so 2 guys with 10 nades, makes sense that they cannot throw all 10 at once unless they bundle them then that is already taken care of with a seperate nade graphic i.e the explosive charge or nade bundle. As long as it is not a bug or something like that then fair enough. Thanks for the reply.

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