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What mod are you hoping to see?

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Now that we've got tons of cool dirty, dusty, wintery vehicle mods to choose from I was wondering.

What mod would you MOST like to see show up next?

I mean something other than dirty versions of what we already got. Be more specific. How about the Picasso-camou Stug from that Panzer Colors book?

My fondest hope... I'm actually working on it now. An Elefant with a camou scheme that's different than the Ferdinand's. If I don't mess it up it's gonna be pretty.

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Geepers, I'm getting less here than I expected! Let me make a list of my own:

Late production Tiger II without Zimmerit and with red primer in the color palate.

Early production King Tiger without hanging track on turret, with zimmerit, early factory finish.

Hetzer, late war Skoda factory camou.

IS-2 more accurate textures.

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would be cool to have more realistic, ore just more matching looks, (ore maybe the old two differend roofs of red and grey back...witch made it possible to change from all red roofs to all grey roofs)

I liked to chance the buildings sometimes in cmbo, now its just allways the same.

As for armor...hmm...variation is my thing.....i like them matching (with the slight variations that will come to eye when u close in more and more...like its with, say;...noobies SU pack now)...but love to have some stick out because they are completely different from the others:

There's one white washed STUG with reddish rusty colours all over its down side ...that one is super cool...

maybe more of that. (allthought, maybe not, since its so adorable now because its one of a kind)

so he!...;im happy...u guys just try everything that comes to mind

[ January 30, 2003, 07:07 PM: Message edited by: theike ]

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Originally posted by Ubique:

Sounds daft, but I'd like to see a decent railway crossing - there is track, but no crossing! Looks daft when you just have a road/dirt road end either side of it.

Or is there one already on a site to download?! :D

Try grabbing the cmmos track mod for cmbo from CMHQ, uses Gyrenes tracks and since the dirt road in cmbb is just a higher res of the cmbo dirt you may find it works ok. You may have to renumber the files so be careful.

[edit - im surprised this wasnt coded into CMBB since it was modded in CMBO and very well received :confused: road crossing is certainly more logical than track crossing]

[ January 30, 2003, 06:31 PM: Message edited by: Pud ]

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The mod that allows me to lose with respect, rather than throwing uncontrollable temper tantrums. I think it should be called the xanax mod.

Seriously though, mods only go so far, I play a lot of games that require no mods, but still look great because the engine is so robust. Indeed, I am hoping that the new engine will be so good that it doesnt need any mods at all.

The mods I want are all far too complicated for the current incarnation of the CM engine. Like:

1) Trees that sway in the wind

2) Water that is dynamic and transparent

3) Collision detection in game (real 3d engine)

4) Particle effects, coronas, and lens flares.

5) Nurb rendering for accurate damage of 3d objects like tanks and buildings

6) Trees that can be targeted for shell bursts above the heads of my enemies

7) Tanks that leave tracks

8) Explosions that look really nice, with transparent flames

9) Much more battlefield dust, and flotsam in the air

10) The ability of ricochets to kill

11) The ability for infantry to assist bogged tanks (can you imagine the extra motion capture work the BTS animation team would have to do for that one)

12) Trees that take damage (would require many more polygons/nurbs)

13) Dynamic skies/clouds/rain/weather... how cool would it be if the random weather setting was really random? ie you start a battle and its sunny, and by turn 15 its pouring. How about clouds passing over the battlefield.

14) Fauna

15) Many many death animations... people coming apart, limbs flying, dead arbitrarily scattered throughout the battlefield

16) A First Person mode that allows you to join your troops and see what they see during the turn phase. This would include a mode where you are in a tank and see what the gunner sees, preferably through a scratchy and dusty lens.

17) Turrets getting blown off, literally

18) Quick battle presets, dozens of them, rather than manually having to change stuff all the time (yes i know it saves your last settings, but i dont play the same people over and over so said settings are almost always changed).

19) A built in game browser that displays open servers (people ready to play) possibly with built in chat.

20) Faster framerates


22) World Ranking System, and a World Championship of CM.

23) Dynamic marks on walls

24) Dust when bullets hit concrete and other fixed objects


Many of the things I propose would be impossible for a software house like BTS, and would put the budget of the next CM well into the millions. Thats simply how much a modern 3d engine costs. I hesitate to say that NONE of the stuff I propose will make it to the next CM.

Before I get labeled a troll, let me say this, I love CM as much as any of you, and no, I agree the next CM engine doesn't have to look like Doom 3.

I can summarize my feelings like this, the current incarnation of CM graphics doesn't detract from the fact its an awesome game, but, CM could be so much better if it made your jaw drop the first time you fire it up.

I would play more, if thats possible.

[ January 30, 2003, 07:31 PM: Message edited by: yunfat ]

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to add to yunfat's list for inclusion in the new engine:

25) proper soldiers. one of the things that struck me in close combat was a platoon caught in the open with a line of bodies leading to the nearest cover.

26) proper grass, with the requisite models/cover values etc. longer in autumn. same for snow etc.

27) burning tanks magazines going up (sweeeet).

28) what does a shell hitting a tank sound like? i'd like to know. the present effects if they're accurate if not some proper ones. where they get them from i don't know.

29) Camo nets over AT guns. with the leaves of trees shaking as the fire.

also, let me say that if none of the happens i'll still buy it. i've only been playing about a month. what a waste. WHY DIDN'T SOMEONE TELL ME!

[ January 31, 2003, 07:33 AM: Message edited by: Other Means ]

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What I'd like to see:

1) Rewriting of the game engine to prevent tanks and other vehicles from "merging" with a nearby stationary vehicle. I've seen a column of tanks form a longish, multiturreted sausage when the lead tank was immobilized by a minefield.

2) Dynamic lighting for nighttime scenes - such as illumination of nearby objects by a burning vehicle.

3) Quicker motions by infantry units, especially under fire - I've never seen such graceful, slow-motion pirouettes outside of "The Nutcracker."

4) Ability to resupply units during a long scenario (not battle). Surely some simple modelling can be done to approximate the passing forward of ammo from units immediately behind the front line, though of course the runners and ammo bearers wouldn't be displayed on screen (unless you want to model instances such as snipers taking out runners to prevent the passing along of vital information and/or ammo).

5) Speaking of snipers, how about the representation of NKVD thugs and political commissars to "bolster" the morale of Allied units? I can picture instances where both sides would happily join in taking pot shots at a commissar that's been thrown out into no-man's land ...

6) Better modelling of fire. I've seen other games that used fuzzy balls clumped together to represent fire, especially the kind launched by flamethrowers, that looked vastly more realistic than the paper-thin sheets used in CMBB.

Plenty more out there, to be sure, but those come readily to mind.

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11) The ability for infantry to assist bogged tanks (can you imagine the extra motion capture work the BTS animation team would have to do for that one)
The ability to help them do what, put up a tarp or cook some chow? They certainly aren't going to pull a tank out of anything, at least not within the time scale of the game.

I want mods of captured Soviet equipment. Those poor guys look so drab compared to my other Ruskies.

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1. Flares for night fighting. Hearing infantry sounds in your barbed wire? Send up a flare and let the funtimes begin.

2. Vehicles with camoflaguing foliage added.

3. The abilty to see at tab behing aircraft when they cross the battlefield.



[ January 31, 2003, 10:31 AM: Message edited by: A.E.B ]

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