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Tin Can Alley & Bleeding and Mopping Up

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Hello all


Due to some issues at the Scenario Depot, some of my scenarios appear to be un-downloadable.

The following have been up for a while at The Proving Grounds. Check them out there if you are interested. All are CMBB so I'm cross posting here.

Steppe Pillbox


This is a tiny battle with a simple objective... destroy a single Russian pillbox. This is the final version. Earlier version proved too difficult. Made some minor tweaks and it is much better.

Rear Guard (AI)


Another small battle. German rear guard units must set ambush for approaching Russian armor. Very few lightly equipped Germans make for a challenge. Setting is the Carpathian Mountains in Romania. A separate head-to-head version available is available.

Combined Arms, South to Kiev


This is an operation 6 battles, 20 turns each. Early war – August 1941. German combined arms group is attempting to reach important crossroads town. Action takes place in the mostly open country on approach to town and finally outskirts of town itself must be breached. Spirited Russian armor and infantry try to stop the German advance. Starts as a Panzer prowl and gets tougher as infantry positions are encountered.

Bendery Bridgehead


Russians must breakout of a narrow bridgehead and secure high ground. This is a very tough start for the Russians (hopefully) as the bridgehead comes under artillery bombardment. This is a bigger battle as Russian forces are feed into the bridgehead in the opening phase. Historical situation based on the opening phase of the Russian campaign to clear the Southern front and break into Romania. Meant to be played as the Russians.

Czech Uprising, Dukla Pass

XX removed old link XX

Semi-historical, based on Czech uprising in Sept. 1944 that was supported by a Russian airdrop (of a Czech Airborne group). One of the goals was to take a heavily defended strategic mountain pass from the rear. This was a main route for the Germans supporting their troops in Poland. The action takes place in the area behind the pass as partisans and airborne attempt to seize towns and block the path of German reinforcements destined for the front. German Security units must hold the towns and clear the roads. Fights are broken down into a series of smaller unit actions at first. Both sides regroup (depending on success of German defense) and a larger action develops. Certain German troops must exit for victory points. Designed for Axis vs. AI, will work as head-to-head but I have not tested it.

Keeping with the spirit of The Proving Grounds (www.the-proving-grounds.com), any and all feedback on my scenarios (and everyone else’s!) is greatly appreciated. Thanks to the crew of TPG for the valuable input on the above scenarios.

Have fun!

Bannon DC

[ May 27, 2005, 01:05 PM: Message edited by: Bannon DC ]

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  • 2 months later...

I've updated the Dukla Pass scenario.

Note: new link ---

Dukla Pass - Slovak Uprising

Thanks to playtesters for valuable feedback. Version 1.1 is the latest version.

Changed name to "Dukla Pass -- Slovak Uprising" since the action really takes place in Slovakia rather than the Czech Republic. Lots of fun... different from most head-on battles.

Came across a very good web site worth checking out: http://www.duklapass.org. Good description of the lead up, battle, and aftermath of the 3-4 month long uprising which occured in the Fall of 1944.

---> EDIT: Looks like this great site has disappeared.

---> EDIT: It's back up again! Same address smile.gif

[ May 09, 2005, 05:58 PM: Message edited by: Bannon DC ]

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  • 2 months later...

Two new scenarios added. Small number of units, small map. These feature a reverse situation on the same map. Good practice for working with artillery... both on the giving and receiving end.

Late war situation. Russian's goal is to advance to the next major town. They have encounted various levels of resistance throughout the advance. Scouts report activity near the bridge in the town ahead. Will the Germans scatter at the first shots... or will they fight?

Artillery Sword

Best played as the Germans or as 2 player. Tested for 2 player play and was good close game.

Artillery Shield

Best played as the Russians. Fewer turns than "Artillery Sword" and Germans have more units. Other minor differences.

Comments welcomed here or at TPG. Have fun.

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Hello all --

Combined Arms, South to Kiev is now at SD. Operation, CMBB.

News to me ---> if you have trouble DL'ing scenarios at the Scenario Depot, right click on the "download" button and select "save target as." For some reason, many of the scenarios I have there have this problem. But, BOOM!, now you can DL them without trouble!

I'm sure, everyone will be doing an "author" search for "Bannon DC" now. ;) Go ahead! eheheh. Get "Dukla Pass" while you are at it.

I'll start posting more of my finished stuff at SD now with the "right-click" note.

Have fun,



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Tin Can Alley

This battle has been added to the Scenario Depot. Meeting engagement. Early war and light tank fans will have fun with this one! Name comes from the old arcade or boardwalk shooting gallery... I still see them from time to time.

A column of Russian light tanks ("Tin Cans") has made a suprise attack into the German rear area. The high command will not divert units from the armored spearhead so you must deal with this threat with reserves on hand. A column of anti-tank guns and supporting units has been ordered to set up a blocking position at the crossroads ahead. Destroy this threat to the German supply lines! Play as Germans vs. AI.

Thanks to playtesters at TPG. smile.gif

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I discovered that the file for "Tin Can Alley" at SD is downloading improperly. In the meantime, you can download this "finished" scenario at The Proving Grounds.

UPDATE -- fixed! Downloadable at the SD. Bannon, 5/27/05

Thanks! smile.gif

[ May 27, 2005, 08:04 PM: Message edited by: Bannon DC ]

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Bleeding and Mopping Up

AI and H2H versions.

This Operation is a Champs vs. Chumps contest. Raw Russian force is tasked with mopping up a pocket of fanatical Germans. The Russian force will earn their combat experienced by being "bleed."

This is a mini-operation in terms of the size of the battlefield. Just 800m x 800m. Urban setting. Mostly infantry supported by a few tanks and a little artillery. Difficult terrain obstacle and handling raw troops will challenge your tactical skills. Russian casualties can be measured in companies if all does not go well. :eek: (and hopefully it won't! tongue.gif ).

In playtesting the head-to-head version (H2H), this was one of the toughest battles I've played. Good challenge for both attacker and defender. AI version should be a challenge... but you will have to let me know how it goes.

Feedback welcomed.

Available only at TPG for now.

Bleeding and Mopping Up - AI

Bleeding and Mopping Up - H2H


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