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Line of sight in fog - why the German superiority?

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Did a search with the word 'fog' and came up with nothing, so here I am.

In playing a series of QBs against a mate in either fog at dawn, or thick fog, I have noticed that my Russian boys (ie, both infantry and AFVs) can only see buildings when they are relatively close. I've done tests on the Germans and they are not affected this way. For example:

Thick fog at dawn, general visibility across open ground is 83metres, but buildings only become 'visible' to all Russians at 72m. They can see past the buildings, but they can't see the buildings.

In fog at dawn general visibility is 200m, but Russians can only see buildings at 172m or less.

Thick fog at midday, general visibility 250m, but Russians can only see buildings at 215m or less.

Just curious – any reason why this would be designed into the game? (Edited to say that the same problem occurs with Allies in CMAK.)

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Both Russian infantry and armour are afflicted with the "can't see buildings" myopia, so it can't be better optics. And besides, we're talking distances of 250 metres or less. It's only an issue in fog or thick fog.

Regular quality troops and AFVs, by the way.

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