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CM 2nd generation

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I've seen posts about CMx10 campaigns. I think this sort of thing should be incorporated into the next generation CM. You could begin with a large campaign map. On this map could be lots of event triggered pre-made scenarios. If units come into contact with each other at key terrain, then a pre-made scenario would happen. If units made contact at some farm house, then a "semi" random map could be generated that incorporates the general type of terrain for the area and the river/road network would need to match up with the campaign map. Am I dreaming here or is this possible?

With this type of set-up suddenly lots of important factors would come into play. A truck/halftrack equipped unit would be much more valuable because those type units could join the battle in progress faster than infantry walking to the sound of the guns. Having a platoon of Tiger tanks would be a mixed blessing because they would not be able to keep up with the faster, lighter tanks. The position of artillery units would make or break a developing attack. C3, logistics and doctrine would matter because they could react faster to the changing battle (if they were modeled). This would be an ambitious gaming concept, but it seems like the terrain map would be the toughest part to get right. Can someone who is smart at computer issues tell me if I'm way off on whether this concept is possible?

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Naturally I'd like to see as broad a scope as possible, and while such a concept would intrigue me, you are talking about a game that is far beyond the narrow tactical aspect portrayed by the current CM games. A map that large would be more "operational" warfare which I guess is roughly the category in between the "tactical" and "strategic" levels. Such a game would require more in depth logistics modelling, and would also have to take into account your success, which would presumably have an impact upon the greater war. As it stands in CM now, you can lose a battle that was in actuality won, or win a battle that was in actuality lost...but it ends there. Any larger scale campaign type operation would really have to be more of a grand-strategy type game, where the course and indeed outcome of the war could be changed...a daunting task indeed.

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Well it might be blasphemy in the BFC community to want to lay an operational level game over the top of the CM game engine, but I think it would make this game even more addictive than it is already. It would add lots of meaning to every battle. It would be like having two games in one with the emphasis on the tactical level as CM is right now.

You would definately lose something though. For example, you could not use the entire Eastern Front. But you might be able to do a few key battles.

Think of how an operational level would add to the current CM scenarios. Players would care about casualties and retaining ground so they could recover their damaged equipment. Gaining control of a crossroad would be more important than just getting victory points. It would help you win the next skirmish by allowing follow-on units to use the intersection you just won control of in the last battle. Resupply, fatigue, and air attacks would mean a whole lot more too.

The CM community could built new maps for more campaigns and make them available for downloading.

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Things like that are possible, sure, but it might mean that the game wouldn't be finished until 2010. I bet the design team already have their hands full with the tactical aspects. I would be more than happy if the game included a possibility to export finished battle statistics for a 3rd party campaign program and then import data for the next battle.

But maybe that won't happen.

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I find the current operational scenario maker useless, unless you want to play a very linear operation over day period.

Take for instance reinforcements, you have a lot more scope with reinforcements in normal battle but with operational scenarios it just doesn't work. I say scrap it or work on it, but remember games to remember are the ones that developers don't take the easy route.

I for one would like to see exactly what is suggested above, where we can open the scope up of operational battles at regiment level where battalion battles can be made out of it.

Its not like producing a Front package or even expanding to a theatre, you just allowing for CM to do operational battles which clearly, is incapable of doing this at the present time.

What will we get with CMx2, just a 3D modelled batte simulator, with a few extra gimic features then we already have. I don't think battlefront are that type of developer, so I am hoping they go the extra yards.

There is already two (Codemasters and I forget the other producer) that I know of, heading down that road.

Battlefront has the opportunity again to set themselves apart of the typical drivel being produced by game designers, they can take the easy road and just fall in with the pack. Its up to them, but I am hoping they take the hard yards and don't just produce up a 3D modelled version of CM with a few gimics thrown in the mix.

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Sounds intriguing but what would be the minimum cpu requirements to play a game of that flexibility and depth. It would be grand to play but I don't think I'd want to have to buy a new computer just to play a game. Even if it is something made by Battlefront.

I'm just wondering how much longer we'll have to wait for CM2, period! It would be nice if they'd throw a bone out just to let the community know what's going on.

All best


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