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Scenario at Proving Grounds - Peiper's Nahkampftag

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I'm thinking about removing my scenario 'Peiper's Nahkampftag' to the Scenario depot late next week.

Its been on TPG since July and I suspect I've had all the feedback I'm getting :cool: .

Many thanks to Tooz and Frozen for thier specific, constructive and extremely useful feedback. :big grin:

If anyone is still playing through this scenario and is waiting to post some feedback I'll delay removing it.

Cheers fur noo

George Mc

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Originally posted by Yskonyn:

Why remove it at all? People will always be able to download your work, that's nice isn't it?

Aye General Colt is right. The Proving Grounds is a testing site - and an excellent resource to help designers fine tune their carefully crafted scenario babies with the assistance from a load of very knowledgable, friendly and helpful people - just like here :D so that when you come to download it from somewheres like the Scenario Depot you will be downloading a quality challenging scenario which (hopefully) has had any major flaws to excting play removed through strenuos playtesting.

I've had some great feedback about 'Peiper's...' especially from Tooz and Frozen so far which has helped refine the scenario.

Given it has been there since July, and given the quality feedback I have had I think its a done deal.

Sometime next week it'll be uploaded to the Scenario Depot where it will be available to one and all.

If you have played it its not to late to post yer comments over at The Proving Grounds. Anyone working through it can always let me know and I will postpone this moment smile.gif

Cheers fur noo

George Mc

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