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"Cracking the Egg" - SPOILER

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What kind of luck has anyone had at playing the Soviets in this one? Maybe I just suck, but I have a hard time getting things started. The SU-122s start in scattered trees, so it takes them a while to get out in the open, even at full speed. And the force comp just seems to make it all the harder. My plan was to have the infantry out front, with the assault guns providing DF HE. But the SMG grunts aren't worth much in terrain, and the SU-122s fire so flipping slow, they seem to have trouble against ATGs unless they have a at least a 4-1 advantage. I'm only 8 turns into it, but I have a feeling I'm going about things all wrong.

(ADMIN EDIT: Added Spoiler warning to topic title)

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If I remember correctly, Rune, the scenario designer, posted some hints and comments over in the Scenario talk forum. It has been some time ago, so you might have to search for it.

Search for "Cracking Egg". The scenario name is in the topic.


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I am interested to know which tactics make the Russian player win for sure.

I played several times gainst the German AI and scored at best a minor victory and only when I was very lucky to destroy the Tiger tanks which literally block any access to the 3rd and 4th last flags and any flank attack. But usually I never manage to attack these tanks successfully with the assault guns, too slow to fire or to backtrack in safety after a shot, the time to reload.

Also, I tried various tactics, to no avail : attack straight from the scattered trees towards the 1st flag-2 story bldg with assault gun reinforcements rushing to the other side of the map to try to outflank the Tigers. Or mass attack from one side, infantry first in "E" mode.

One last point : even against the StugIII's, the assault guns are unsuccessful at only 500 m or so.

Has anyone so good hints about this scenario as the Russians ?

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That means it takes say 7-8 turns to have your initial allocation of ISU-150's move outside the trees towards the left flank, then add the subsequent ISU-122's and none to support the infantry on foot attacking the bldg ?

Also, do you have them attack in 1 Go in "E" or "U" or "Q" mode ? I tried all these orders with 3-4 machines at once but took ages for them either to aim or to backtrack in a safer place after shooting, which means slaughter.

How should they stand against the StugIII's which seem to be fare swifter, though they are assault guns themselves ...

What is your take ?

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As with all slow firing soviet AFVs, shoot and scoot is your friend. Also use you numerical supority by massing you AFV in one or two places. The 152mm makes short work out of the ATG once they are spotted.

Try using the 152mm in overwatch, and push your troops up the middle. But you can very well also put a sqd or two up the left flank, helsp with spotting etc.

Tigers? Flank 'em!

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