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**MikeyD RUSHES out Super-Mega Jagdpanther!!**

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Yours... totally for FREE!

- Yellow Jagdpanther TD, for both CMAK and CMBB

At our favorite site of course:


Before anyone starts to b*tch, you were either going to get a Zimmerit Jagdpanther or a heavy bolted gun mantlet Jagdpanther. You can't have 'em both together!

Jagdpanther history:

- Series production starts Jan '44.

- The Zimmerit coating is dropped in Sept.

- The thicker bolted gun mount and self-cleaning idler appear in Oct.

- In Dec. the Panther 'G' engine deck and 'flammvernichter' mufflers are fitted.

- In Feb. '45 tool stowage is relocated from the sides to the rear.

That makes this an Oct-Nov production vehicle. One oddily is the monobloc 88 gun tube, which had been phased out in May. But this can be explained by swapping of gun tubes during field repairs.

I'm not convinced plain yellow Jagdpanthers were still leaving the factory in Oct-Nov, but I rushed this plain mod out for you camou modders - plus I've got another project hanging over my head that *might* delay a proper camou Jagdpanther from me. Enjoy!



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Originally posted by MikeyD:

Yeh, I was waiting all morning for the chance up upload! ColumbusOHGamer deserves a medal for keeping cmmods.com running all this time.

Indeed he does, and so do you! :D

Damn, I really suck at expressing myself in english and at making comments on your work, I know, but I love your Mods !

Tausend Dank Mikey ! smile.gif

Cheers, Hetzer

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"Damn, I really suck at expressing myself in english"

Expressed as well as or better than half the people know. ;) Reminds me of a line I heard in an otherwise forgetable old highschool movie "How stupid am I? I'm about to fail my class in English - despite it being MY MOTHER TONGUE!"

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Yes, I do actually play the game sometimes. I've got to admit I don't get much play-time in when I'm in the middle of a big vehicle project (all the Panthers for instance).

After I finished the Jagdpanther mod I quickly constructed a scenario and nice long map to test them out with. Though it was heavily balanced on my side (vs T34/76 M1943s) the AI still gained my respect. I found one of my Jagdpanthers immobilized and double-teamed by a pair of T34s. Got a dozen AP ricochetes off my bow at 700m. :D

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