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A new site on Soviet operational art

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I'd like to inform everyone that a new site has been launched, called Red Army Studies. It focuses on Soviet operational art in WWII. The site will possess a growing collection of articles from the staff, books reviewed, links of interest, wargame scenarios, and even wargame design - all highlighting the development of Soviet operational art in the Second World War. Please visit the site! We are interested in your opinions, so if you have suggestions please email us.

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A truly outstanding site. Congratulations. smile.gif

It will very quickly become “the site of choice” for all who really wish to know how the war in the east was fought.

It will not just be wargamers, whom you will be flooded by. But it will be “the” resource used by serious historians too.

It is the publisher Frank Cass I feel sorry for. With this resource here, who needs Frank Cass? ;)

All the best,


PS. Also an outstanding example of what the internet is all about and how best to use it.

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Having looked at the list - I've already emailed for a copy of a few of the files .....

The hardest part was how to limit the list...what do you leave out ! :eek:

I'd love the chance to get them all on CD.

Looks like an excellent resoure for those wanting to learn more !

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Originally posted by wadepm:

"Field Artillery vs. Hostile Planes"!!?? That should be interesting reading! Are you going to have the PDF files accessible directly from the site? I think you may be overwhelmed with requests, at least in the early days.

Sorry, wadepm, but I don't have those kind of resources. The server I have access to is a friend's, and I wouldn't want to hammer him with serious d/l'ing. The entire article collection takes up about 500Mb, and each article (which I extract from a pdf file of the journal via Acrobat) can be from 200-700Kb. Right now I think the email route will be doable. I do have the capacity to burn CD's though, so ...

Here's an idea. All these docs where the articles came from are declassified CIA. I have no intention of making a buck off them (nor do I believe it would be legal). If you really want all these articles I'll burn them on a CD for you provided you send me a blank CD first. I'll burn the docs onto your CD, including the index as an html doc, then send it back to you. No charge. So, you pay for the blank CD and postage to me, and I pay for the postage back.

How's that idea?

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