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Abandoning Machine Guns?

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Originally posted by Tigrii:

Very rarely, the last crew member of an immobilized gun will abandon it. You cannot deliberately abandon guns.

A whole gun crew can abandon under enough fire and especially if it's a green or conscript crew. But yeah, i think your right, if theres only 1 guy left, recieving no fire from the enemy, can just abandon the gun on his own accord.

Now ive seen the last guy of a immobilized MG surrender very easily, even when my forces aren't even all that close. Then shortly after, he stops surrendering and becomes the enemy(targetable) again. Which now becomes a moveable 1 man MG, but can't fire. The MG is useless basically, but it's ID shows a mobile 1 man MG thats not captured. Hmm, makes me wonder, do you still get points for once captured troops that you don't have control of at the end?

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