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Thanks DEY, I'm glad to say all your work had, and most off them still have, their tour of duty on my battlefields.

It however does hurt a bit seeing on of your art-works being blown to pieces by....on of your art-works.


Earl Grey, do you play with bases on? (shift + B)


Now I know why we didn't have white uniforms during my army-time. Dutch Army didn't have shift + b those days.

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Originally posted by Earl Grey:

I like your mods, but I find it already rather difficult to spot units on a snow map WITHOUT snow camouflage! :D

I have a friend which everytime he comes over we play hotseat on CMBB. Of course I have several snow camoflague mods. With my German troops after winter of 1941-42 with snow camoflague. ( thanks again Andrewtf! ) He had a lot of trouble spotting my troops! :D despite how it was'nt much of a tactical difference it was still hilarious.




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