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Handicap for my custom map

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Hey guys, just a quick question

I made a map, and it is geared for an axis attack. They are attacking along mountain roads, over bridges, through villages and passes..which will make it harder for the attack than even a normal attack does.

I want to limit the Allies (defenders) points compared to Axis (attackers) so that it will be more balanced.

Is this acheived by

1-loading my map in a quick battle as a custom map from file

2- setting the points at say 3000 with allow player to choose forces

3- setting the handicap at either Allied +30% or Axis-30%

im not sure what the difference is, or if this is what I should do.

Thanks in advance, and if anyone would like to try this map in a pbem let me know, im very proud of it!

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In a QB, the attacking gets more points than the defending force. If you set the point level for 500 points, the defender will get 500 points, the attacker will get 750.

Your ideas:

1. You could do that, but that just affects the map, the players still choose their forces based on the points given them. If you really want to give the Axis an advantage in points, put some of their troops on the map, and then choose to import forces. The Axis player will now get to buy troops, plus have these extras already on map.

2. This is what is usually done. If you set the point level at 3000 without handicaps, the defender will have 3000 points, the attacker will have 4500. If that is not enough for the attacker, make it an assault, and the balance will be 3000 to 5160 in favor of the attacker.

3. The handicap increases or decreases the number of points a certain side has to purchase troops with. If you give the Axis a -10% handicap in a 500 point Axis attack, 10% of the points are subtracted, leaving them with 675 (750 total for the attacking force in a 500 point battle). The percentage is figured out from the total after considering whether the action is a probe, attack, or assault, and the different levels of points awarded.

To favor the Axis, a -% for the Allies, or a +% for the Axis must be used.

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