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advance operations probl

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i'm in an operation where I successfully

held a trench system on a part of a map while

unfortunately way on the otherside, the enemy

advanced (hey it was the russians, they are bound

to find holes...). So the map advances.

Now in the next battle deployment my deployment

area is in back of my trench system. However

I find that the units in my trench system some

of them have moved either forward or back into

the open (some stayed right in the system (and

no I wasn't crowding the trenches either).

Of course I cannot move these units unless I move them way back into my deployment area, but if I don't I'm afraid some of the units will be caught dead in the open even though they ended the last battle safely in cover. It's not that they got moved back alot, they just got scattered all over the area I have trenches and I can't move em back in. Any ideas? is this a bug.

also does anyone think the death clock is a bit

overdone...I had an anti-tank 75mm put 5 fully penetrating rounds into a T-34 despite the fact that there was another one taking pot shots at him. Do you think in real life the anti-tank gun would have like made sure 2 rounds went in, took the risk that it knocked it out so as to engage the next T-34?


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Think of it this way. The gun knows he has the range on the first 34 but is not certain he is dead. Better to finish him and then try to deal with the other than to switch to a new target and risk the first one recovering. In battle it is usually that thing you were "sure" of that comes back to bite you.

Plus you have to remember that the gun crew doesn't know what its hits are doing. The detailed hit messages are for your benefit. For the gun crew it can tell that they are hitting but for all they know they just knocked off the tool box and the TC's footlocker. :D

[ January 26, 2003, 04:49 PM: Message edited by: Sgtgoody ]

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