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High ranking officers in combat

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Posted this on the CMBo area wondered if anyone had any examples from CMBB


Read Wild Bills article on El Alimein and noticed in the final defeat of jerry, some General Von Tropp or something went into battle in a MkIII in the final stages of defeat got KO and then awaited capture by his burning tank! Another section has i think the 11th/8th or maybe 9th! British Armoured Brigade being ordered by monty to some suicidal attack in which the commander some brigader personally decided to lead from the front.

If a area collapsed and was completely overrun I know HQs awaited capture or shot themselvesd, but anymore examples of leading by exampl.

Was it common for High ranking officers to go into combat? Bn Hqs are in CMBO so whats that Colonel level? But generals and brigaders

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If a scenario required it, you could easily simulate a general leading the charge by using a Battalion HQ unit. On the ground in combat (without his staff, records, personal contact with other field-grade officers, political influence, etc.) a general doesn't have any special skills. Give him high experience if you think he'd be good at leading from the front, low experience if not.

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