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The CMMOS Marders, figured out their problem

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OK, first let me apologize to all from AndrewTF who did the original mods to you the gamer who relied on me to get you the mods you want.

I didn't test the mod which I should have, maybe it slipped through the cracks, maybe I missed it don't know and right now don't care.

The fix is simple but unless you are comfortable with unzipping a file, using notepad to type a "_", then rezipping the files. Don't try.

I will submit new mods to Jeff Weatherspoon for changes on the CMHQ site.

Now for anyone who wants to fix themselves it is easy. Here is how.

Unzip the mods to a folder. For the Marder, yellow, you will find another zip file called "Rule062-334.zip" , and the various parts of the mod such as bmps and txt files. Now open up that Rule062-334.zip to its own folder. Now open up Rule062-334.txt and you will find the following:


#! Version 1.0

#! Name Marder II (Yellow) by Andrew Fox

#! Files Vehicle_Marder_II_(early)_yellow.txt

#! Icon RS062-334.bmp

#! Key 104590_AFox_MarderII_Yellow.bmp

#! Options 1

#@ Marder II tank destroyer with a bi-color camo pattern



The tells how the mod how to work, what icon is used etc. The last line is the key. It should be: _AFox_MarderII_Yellow

The underscore before "A" is missing. This was the mistake. Believe me it is an easy one to make. I have made similiar errors and spent an hour plus looking for it.

Next save that txt file, rezip the rule. Then rezip that rule plus the bmps and txt files and save it using the same name as before. You might consider add a "V1" before the "_CMMOS4". This will keep it from getting mixed up with the original file. The changed file will look like:


I hope this helps.

As always, you can contact me on the BTS forum or even at home, the spot above has my home email, with any problems.


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