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Just got done playing the Africa demo and the first map is really tuff being the Russians. Those 14.5mm Anti-tank guns are about as powerfull as a BB gun to tanks. I dont even know why they were put as a defense on the map. I think they need to be a TAD bit more effective as a group.

I had 4-5 anti tank guns shooting a Panzer 3 for about 3(3 mintutes) rounds. Each one popping him about 1 out of 2 shots. All they do is "FLINK" off the armor. I personaly find this very unrealistic, and find it to be very unlikely to happen. The distance was 180meters. Roughly 550 feet away and as I said all of them just deflect off of it.

However I have found it to be a nice detourant for me to bring my Russian T-34 peices of garbage to get a few free rounds off on them.

[ May 04, 2004, 11:22 AM: Message edited by: Pvt Ryan ]

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Thx for your nice reply Sergi. Your an awesome dude

Tell me something new! :D

Okay, seriously. I don't remember much about the CMBB demo scenarios, but I think that in that one Russians had some 45mm ATG's. Those aren't very effective unless you can get side shots, so try to deploy them to your flanks and let the enemy enter your trap. Germans have only tanks with them, and they are poor at spotting. Especially ATR's are difficult to spot, so you might even let the enemy through and then fire at them from the rear. Oh, and don't let the enemy use all their firepower against the few tanks that you have.

You would be well advised to do a search in the CMBB forum for 'cmbb demo' or the name of the demo scenario.

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Hi Pvt Ryan.

That DEMO for CMBB is pretty cool. Some here found it boring (and I can understand thier POV), but I liked it.

The 14.5mm Anti Tank Guns are actually AT Rifles. The best use of them is to kept them hidden until the Panzers are passing or already gone past. The enemy armor is most vulnurable from sides and rear shots. That's when my AT Rifles really became a pain for the Germans.

The other AT guns (47mm) are fairly good, but you need to check the penetration stats for the gun versus the armor protection of the tank. Try to hold off till you can see the whites of their eyes, type thing. Wait till they get closer.

That demo scenario doesn't have any T-34s in it, but it does have a couple of KV-1's. Which are pretty good, as far as armor goes. Thick front armor and a good gun. They are slow and inaccurate, but they can do a number on the Panzers. Keep them far out, hulldown and shoot and scoot them.

Have fun.



EDIT: Durn it all, Sergei. Beat me to it. Heh heh.

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