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Pz38t mod --- what is wrong ? SOLVED

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There is a problem. I install (using CMMOS) mod of tank Pz38t which make him from grey to dirtygrey --- and what i see is that only turret and rear hull are changing taxtures but all other (side turret, upper hull, front hull) remain unchanged and this looks really stupid ! Turret is dirty, but hull clean grey. I even check how many files include this mod and discovered that he has all (14) BMPs files from Pz38t. And even when i manually copy this files to BMP folder then this don't make the effect too (turret dirty, hull clean). I checked this all 14 BMPs files and they have got "dirty" graphic. Can someone explaine me what is wrong ?

Link to the mod (first one pz38t) http://www.combatmission.com/cmmos/Panzers/Panzers1.htm

PS - I tested it on a tutorial mision "IRON ROADBLOCK"

This looks stupid ! Check it out !


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Ah, there's one full Pz38t art set for the early vehicle then a 3(?) BMP patch with different numbers for the late model with straight-front bow. This second vehicle showed up in a patch, if memory serves. If I was at home I could find the numbers for you.

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Hah MikeyD you inspired me but there wasn't 6522x series but 1522x series for this damn Pz38t. I found them manually (amazing!) and do a little rechange and what i get is:


Woila !

Problem solved, but this is a good idea to make a list of others additional BMPs (for others vehicle etc, if exist) files that may make a similiar problems in future.

For now additional textures for Pz38t are: 15220, 15221 and 15225 (Side hull, Top Hull, Front Hull)

[ December 03, 2006, 11:20 AM: Message edited by: Marcin T ]

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My numbers were in the 6000s because i had looked at a Pz38t winter mod! (slaps forehead with palm of hand). :rolleyes::D

There are only a few vehicles in CMBB with shared gaphics. Mostly old CMBO leftovers like the interior of the Nashorn/Hummel and Kubelwagen. That late Pz38t might've been the last new vehicle added to the game. They might not have had room left on the disk to include a complete art set!

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