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Originally posted by Cthulhu Dreams:

KV-1's are almost unbeatable in 1941. So don't bother. Play another date:)

Playing in 1941 does not mean that the Russian player MUST buy KV's. I've never done so in a quick battle against a human opponent precisely because of that. T-34's are hard enough for Germans, but not altogether invulnerable.

My point is, it's not a reason to skip 1941.

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My own recommendation is that players use three different levels for armor choices to "regulate" the degree of "cherry picking" they want to see. As follows.

Agree beforehand on one of the following - "no holds barred" NHB, "no ubertanks" NUT, "most common equipment" MCE.

In NHB, you can take all the KVs or Tigers you like. But both sides know it beforehand, and *rariety is off*. In addition, there should be no restrictions on taking air support. (If you want to stop them, buy AA). This gives both sides access to all conceivable countermeasures against uber stuff.

In NUT, only the following are banned: KVs from the start through June 1942; 80mm front StuG models through the end of 1943; Tigers, Panthers, Elephants, Brummbars through the end of 1943. Rariety can be any agreed setting, with variable the natural choice for this setting.

In MCE, you may take a vehicle type only if it is within 10% of the lowest rariety listed on the armor screen for that date. In addition to the previous NUT exclusions. Rariety can in principle be any setting, but standard rariety is the nature way to use this choice.

You can also have similar and linked agreements about overloading with SMG infantry, quality settings, and taking very large artillery, especially direct fire 150mm plus weapons. I recommend linking the two, since in a way the HE is a possible way of trumping an infantry weapon edge.

Infantry&HE NHB means any size arty module is allowed, unit quality is set to "unrestricted" giving full range of choices from green to crack, any infantry type is allowed in any amount, sIGs and SU-152s are allowed, etc.

Inf&HE No uberweapons NUW means 150mm on map systems are banned, tube arty of 150mm caliber of higher is banned, 132mm and 150mm rockets are allowed but not 210mm-300mm rockets, quality is medium for Russians and his choice of medium or high for Germans but veterans maximum. (Things like puppchens and flakwagon vehicles can be banned too if you want, or not). In infantry type mix, you can take no more than one company of SMG infantry, defined as any squad type in which more than half the weapons are automatics (LMG, SMG, or MP44). Air support is limited to the most common fighter bomber listed (lowest rariety, no IL-2s or Stukas or tank-busters etc).

Infantry&HE MCE means artillery support should be limited to calibers with rariety +20 or less, no air support, use common infantry types. Quality should be low for the Russians through June 1942 and medium thereafter, medium for the Germans. On map supporting guns should be rariety +20 or less as well, and no more than 4 towed guns all told per 1000 points of battle size.

They are just ways of agreeing beforehand on what is considered kosher. Use them or not as you and your opponent desire.

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Originally posted by MikeyD:

Ah! Something I forgot all about. Isn't the VERY obscure German 75mm recoilless rifle available from the start? Maybe it's just available to the airborne, i don't know. I haven't tried it against a KV but its worth a shot (quite literally).

It is, but it only has HE shells in 1941.
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