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Some Eastern front footage/slide shows

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I thought here would be a good place to link these.

I'm not a Nickelback fan. I think the other song is Sarah Maclachlan(sp?). The footage is interesting, even if a good bit of it looks like propaganda(of the era. Not the intention of the author). The 3rd one is a Finnish newsreel. *Ahem* Sergei. The last one is best, though!




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Thanks for posting them.

But why on earth did the producer of these put pop music behind them? To me it trivializes the events, putting them on the same plane as videos that you see on MTV. The people in those pictures really existed, suffered and died under the eye of that camera. I think it shows disrespect to the events and people of the time.

Also, I object to this practice because its like the person is trying to tell us how we should feel while watching. Makes me feel distinctly uncomfortable.

Yeah yeah, you can tell me to watch them with the sound off.

God I sound like a cranky old man.

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