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Jason's Book(s)

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In another thread I wrote that Jason should write a book on the Eastern Front. What I have pondered over the past few days since then is that he should really write several.

It should be with the wargamer in mind.

There should be a book on each year and the forces, tactics and raw data that he seems to have at his fingetips. Maps would be great too.

I have seen him quote Glantz as a source and German combat reports. Even the Soviet doctrinal manuals, but an entire listing of his sources would be worth the price of the books.

This is not a joke. I think Jason is wasting his talents here on these pages when he could be making money. I will buy the first copy.

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What is inappropriate about Jason making money with the knowledge that he has about WWII?

I don't care if you have sustained unprovoked 'abuse' or not.

Jason is a very intelligent man and I think has the qualifications of writing a good series of books. He seems to have the resource base for doing it as well.

While his debating skills, IMHO, are suspect I don't doubt his intense interest in the subject matter and his obvious devotion to studying the war. I think all that knowledge needs to be shared in a more formal setting than here on the forums, where you have to go hunting for bits and pieces of it through the threads.

That's all I'm saying.

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I don't post here often ...

I suspect JasonC reads most of the posts on this board ... so, here goes ...


I have been reading your posts for years on and off. I have found them tremedously educational, helpful in terms of game play, well written, thought provoking, and generally good reads ...

You could write one h_ll of a strategy guide for the CM series either as a free venture for download or a venture for profit. Much of it could be derived from work which you have already done ... You have contributed much to this hobby and a separate strategy guide would greatly leverage your contribution beyond the forum posts which tend to get lost over time. Of course, there would be many who will find your conclusions and recommendations controversial, but, in any case, it would be well worth the time for most hobbyists to read.

Thanks for your sharing over the years. If not for you, I might have never even been able to embrace the CM series.

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