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SCW grogs I need your help!

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Heya guys, I have a term paper coming up that I think I'm doing on the Spanish Civil War. I have done some reading on the subject, but my professor wants me to examine the effect the war had on German foreign policy (ie it's aggressive actions throughout Europe), if any at all. Any help you guys have on this would be appreciated, but I can't just quote some guys out of a message board, right though ya'll may be, so any and all book suggestions on this topic would be greatly appreciated as well. Oh, and if the ya'll didn't clue you off, I'm a Texan, so any German books, while I'm sure enlightening, are strictly off limits as the time restraints prohibit me learning a new language. D

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I'd suggest checking out Anthony Beevor's "The battle for Spain". I've just purchased it together with some other books and haven't read it yet but my experience with Beevor is that he puts things in a wide context. I'm sure German foreign policy is included here. The biography will help you on your way with the period after 1939.

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Argh, I would've thought this would elict a few more responses. I already have the Beevor book, but it's focus is less on German foreign policy and more about the war itself. My paper is to be about the Foreign policy aspect, so the Beevor book will be a handy reference, but not specific enough for me. I repeat my plea, PLEASE HELP ME GROGGY MCGROGSTERS!

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"Hitler's Spanish Legion: The Blue Division in Russia" by Kleinfeld and Tambs

"The Spanish Civil War" by Hugh Thomas

"Blood of Spain" by Ronald Fraser

"The Civil War in Spain" by Payne"

"American Commander in Spain" by Merriman and Lerude

"Men in Battle" by Alvah Bessie

"Recalling the Good Fight" by Tisa

My favorite of all of these is at the top of hte list, the history of the Spanish Blue Division sort of exemplifies the political maneuvering of Franco and Hitler.

Another good source is "Francisco Franco" by Joaquin Arraras. Hard to find but an interesting take on Franco.

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The section on the SCW and the lessons of population growth control et seq. here are a must read, IMO. Full cites are provided for the info which shatters what I was taught in school.


Here's a fully sourced retrospective on the SCW from the anarchist viewpoint. Note that it utterly rejects the notion that the SCW was mere prelude to WW II.


Here's a highly topical cite I found in a list of

Australian military document holdings here.


Hitler and the Spanish Civil War: A Case Study of Nazi Foreign Policy. Australian Journal of Politics and History 32, no.3:428-442 '86.

Here's a withering review of Radosh's SPAIN BETRAYED.


This recent SCW book seems highly topical.


A paper by former Nazi diplomat Karl Otto Braun

on German and U.S. foreign policy from 1933-1945.

Site's controversial, but the paper's footnoted

seventeen ways from Sunday. Braun served under Rosenberg, Neurath and Ribbentrop.



John Kettler

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