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Anything new for CMMOS coming?

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Well I was working on mods as fast as they were released. I got nearly all of Kingfishers Hungarian vehicles done. I am working on the concept of divisional mods, more on that later.

I also did Shatter's panzers, plus the Elepant and Ferdinand mods.

I did Tracers tricolor halftracks and expanded on them with some options and will do his new Tiger tonight.

Marco has been working on some T34 plus terrain mods.

But I got hit hard with the flu and after 4 days I am still trying to get over.

I was told that a new set of mods will be posted "soon" on CMHQ but don't know which ones.


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Your (meaning the CMMOS team, the web work, and of course the modders) work, and the time your putting into sharing this great stuff is really appreciated, but you get yourself better MikeT!

There are many fantastic mods out there, but I prefer waiting to see them packaged into CMMOS. It really adds to the whole thing.


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