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New MOD Preview!!!

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I hate to post teasers (yeah, right ;) ), but I thought I'd show off some screenies of my in-the-works mid/late-war Soviet winter mod.

I'm really partial to the telegreika look. This time Soviet infantry get an optional raincape slung over the shoulder and tucked into the belt.



Note new battered helmet texture with red star. A few more little tweaks and this one's ready to go. It's all the variations (naval, airborne, etc.) that will take time. Normal infantry and Guards are ready now.

And then there's this variation, too.


Shown here with optional ppsh drum pouch for SMG squads. They're a little hard to see in-game, but then that's the point, isn't it? smile.gif

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Originally posted by MikeT:

Andrew, as always yours is a keeper.

I like the translucent nature of the snow smocks. BTW, is that a veil across the front of the smock?


Nah, it's not a veil. It's just the upper part of the smock where the hood attaches. The slit seen there is where there's a split where the smock unbuttons at the collar. Or something like that.

I'll be talking to you later, Mike, about CMMOS-izing this thing. There are a few options like raincape, helmet star, ammo pouches, etc. that would work best in conjunction with CMMOS. smile.gif

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NICE AndreWTF!!!! :D

I too have been waiting for some more Russian unis. Especially an all white one!! Great Job!

And Mike, if you happen to read this... any update on when we might see an AndreWTF ruleset?? ;)

AndreWTF, I have a question about the neckline on the white uniforms. It appears to be ever so slightly off in some way. Look like their on backwards? Not quite resting on the shoulders? Maybe it's just the view from my desktop. Anyway, I'm a dick for pointing this out, but I love your work.



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