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New Mods/Revamping @ Zimorodok.org

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Crossposted to both boards, mods included in this posting are FOR CMBB

Bump to me. I changed the mods page slightly, now the mods are in author order (i'll put them back in date order, if that's what everyone wants) and the pictures are all the same size.

I'm doing this since there's no sign of stopping or of cmmods.com, so i had to go to a database-driven design (so, if something doesn't work, let me know!) Eventually i'll build a search feature or a filter feature for this page (we're up to 26 mods! whew!)

To celebrate, there are 3 new mods available:

Panther A Early from Gurra:


Panther A from Gurra:


and, certainly not least

A Soviet Churchill from Patboy



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Guest ExplodingMonkey

His Panther's are nice. They suffer the same problem on their roadwheels as his HTs do (too blurry up close-low res), but they are the shiznit!

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Four new mods posted:

I will probably keep doing this for a little while longer, cmmods.com seemed a little unstable to me the other day.

PZ IV G(late) from MikeyD (CMAK/CMBB)

<a href="http://www.zimorodok.org/z.content/mods.php" target="_blank"> Pz4Glate.jpg


Anbush Hetzer from MikeyD (CMBB/CMBO)

<a href="http://www.zimorodok.org/z.content/mods.php" target="_blank"> HetzerCMBB.jpg


An SU-152 From Dey: (CMBB only, duh!)

<a href="http://www.zimorodok.org/z.content/mods.php" target="_blank"> DEY_WW_Soviet_SU152.JPG


Total Interface Mod By Tarkus (CMBB)

<a href="http://www.zimorodok.org/z.content/mods.php" target="_blank"> tarkus_salespitch.jpg


Enjoy, and mea culpa for the crossposting.


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