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Mg 131 question

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Would it be very unrealistic to give a sdfkz 221/222/223 or say a so variant of the sdfkz 250 etc a mg 131? The mg 131 was a 13mm heavy machinegun. The only vehicle I have found so far that mounted the mg 131 was the Sicherungsfahrzeug UE(f) – Luftwaffe security vehicle. It would seem like some of the vehicles in the Luftwaffe Panzer-Späh-Zug would have mounted mg 131 or mg 151/15 especially considering that they where by the end of the war going obsolete and where available. Some of the paper panzers P 1000, P 1500, PzKpfw IX and PzKpfw X where also on paper going to get mg151/15’s and of course the SdKfz 251/21 had three mg151/15 or mg151/20’s but what other vehicles go these weapons?

The other think I am confused about is the mg 131 electronically fired only? This site seems to suggest the mg 131 was used by ground forces at least to some degree and the mg 131 seems to have a trigger. Could someone who knows give me a run down on this?


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