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Replay question - Noob

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Originally posted by Cortilian:

Correct. that's what I want to d. Watch my saved game from say turn 1 to turn 15. Is that possible?

And thanks for your answers

Yeah, in my first response, I answered your question. Unfortunately, it can't be done. I think in the next engine it will be possible, but for now you have to watch the individual saved games.

J Kruger

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OK, I'm a bit dense here and thanks for your patience but I didn't completly understand your answer.

but for now you have to watch the individual saved games.
Does this mean:

1 - I have to save my game at the end of every turn and if I want to watch a replay of that turn I have to load that individual saved game and watch only that 1 turn.

2 - You can load a saved game and watch all the previous turns in that particular saved game.

3 - Something else.

If #1 thanks. OK I understand now.

If #2 please explain how I do that.

If #3 please clarify.


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