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Sound Mod Problem

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Anybody know what wav file number is the one for when a AP round hits the ground? Its the same sound as when smoke arty hits the ground. Ive been changing most of the sounds in the game with all the kool sound mods thats been released. Problem is somewhere down the line some mod changed this to an explosion rather than the stock wav quieter thud sound. So now when a AP round misses its target or when smoke arty hits, it sounds like explosions. Not good. :(

Been using Shatters wav map and the wav map provided by NightCrawler in his sound pack. But still can't find the wav file. I also got all of Oddball mods. My CMBB sounds SOOO much better now but this single wav file is bugging the hell out of me. Any help please.

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I dont know for sure,but im gonna go out on a limb here and guess that it is one of the 200 number wav files.I think it and like a 50mm mortar impact are the same.Compare the sound of in game AP round striking the ground to one of the 200 numbered files in media player.

Sorry but best i can do.

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Originally posted by MeatEtr:

I think i checked those, im not sure though. I believe those are the small explosion wavs. Im gonna go check them just to make sure.

I think it just about has to be one of the following:




Its the only ones that sound even close.

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