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Location of scenarios for both CMBB and CMAK

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Originally posted by jonp:

When I go to this site and try to download scenarios, all of them have an extension of .cmg

From looking in my scenario directory, it should be .cme or .cmf

Can someone explain this?

The extension is different for CMAK and CMBB scenario files, and for battle and operations.

Check that you put the downloaded scenario in the corresponding game scenario directory.

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The title of this simple practical question, already well answered, got me thinking.

Wouldn't it be kinda neat to have a grand strategic map with little dots or flags on it marking the location of historical or semi-historical CM scenarios?

We might see which parts of the war have been well covered (Kursk e.g.), and which neglected. Just a thought for the enterprising.

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Originally posted by Sergei:

That might be best done with Frapper, although I'm not sure how.

The technology part would be relatively easy. I'm not sure how Frappr does it, but Google Maps accepts lists of lat/long numbers in a coded form and displays a flag for each location identified. It ought to be fairly simple to colour code those flags according to some arbitrary criteria as well, the year the battle took place for instance.
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