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Mortars and artillery crews in CMAK

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I don’t know if it was mentioned before but anyway…. Is it possible “to give” carbines or rifles to mortar and artillery crews in CMAK? I suppose it would be historically correct (I am not sure about Germans but Russians had carbines) and more realistic. I had few instances ( or my opponents did ) that I lost ATG being assaulted by tank hunter team or infantry team or….. tank crew :mad: . I assume it wont be a problem to make “use main weapon” order for mortars and art. guns .

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In general I would agree that this would be a useful addition. To avoid gamey abuse of the crews, their ammo status should be 'low', i.e. only suitable for self-defense.

Having said that - do you usually buy security elements when you buy AT guns? In the German TO&E for AT gun batteries, there would be an lMG for every two AT guns, to provide some safety from being overrun. IIRC there were also Brens in British gun formations. My suspicion is that most people don't bother buying this.

In a scenario, JonS has given me some good advice. For Soviet artillery guns use recon half-squads (the ones with all rifle load-outs), lMG teams, and/or tank hunter teams stripped off their AT explosives for local security.

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Given that crew losses cost double the victory points, I think the artificial handicapping of crews is way overdone. I've seen plenty of account of mortar crews picking up their rifles to fend off an assault that threatens to overrun their position. I think a reduced ammo load (15?)makes sense.

Keeping the crews with poor spotting makes sense to avoid the gamey crew recon effect.

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Actually they have rifles in CMBB.

They are just extremly low firepower.

How to test:

- set up flamethrower team in woods (probably works for gun or mortar as well)

- let enemy platoon walk to that woods in the open so that FT can see them

- you will hear rifle shots and a man or two in the platoon hit

But it is in no way even slowing the platoon down. I'd say some tuning would be in order.

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