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Help a CMBB noob?

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Hey everyone. I'm a vetran CMBO player, but I just picked up CMBB and had a few questions.

1. I'm finding that the same tactics that I used sucessfully in CMBO just plain don't work in CMBB. I am especially having a hard time trying to play against the Russian Partisans with light armor as their anti tank rifles just lay waste to my lightly armored units, and they seem to be able to hide very well so I don't know where the fire is coming from. I keep thinking that the partisans should be easy to take on since they are only rebels right? WRONG! Any sites that I can go to to hone my strategy skills in this game?

2. Where is a good place to go to find other players who want to play online either PBEM or TCP/IP?

Thank you in advance. I've been lurking these forums for awhile and there seems to be a very nice community here. :cool:

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1) In CMBO you could run across open ground with impunity. In CMBB this isn't the case. You need to develop cover fire (MG effectiveness is improved) and use short advance moves to get your infantry forward.

ATRs are the scourge of light armour, if you get with 800m they'll be hitting you occasionally, inside 400m they'll be hitting you frequently and inside 200m the hits will be almost constant. You can only spot them in cover from about 100-200m.

Partisans are like any other troop type in CM in that they can be any experience level. Their weakness is the lack of heavy weapons and vehicles.

If you look for posts by JasonC, you'll no doubt find many tutorials and tips for all sorts of tactics.

(Note: Strategy involves armies and production. CM works on a tactical scale.)

2) Try the opponent finder forums?

Alternatively, www.the-proving-grounds.com

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If your getting hurt when you get up close & personal...don't get up close & personal.

Keep your light tanks at long range & use their fire to support your infantry attacks.

Mortars used effectively are great against partisans.

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Awesome. Thanks for the quick replies. The AI seems to be much more smart in CMBB as well. In CMBO they were very predictible but in CMBB they seem to use better tactics and use the terrain much more to their advantage. Makes for a much more challenging game. I love it, since I thought in CMBO the AI was far too predictable.

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If you're looking for opponents, try Warfare HQ.


It's a friendly site. All three versions of CM are played. There are folks at all levels of experience and they even have rookie tournaments.

Then when you get some experience, come over and see us at KG.


Most of all--play and have fun!

[ November 16, 2004, 01:34 AM: Message edited by: jagcommander ]

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Not all light armor is created equal. Against Russian ATRs, German SPWs are vulnerable, yes. Pz IIs and the better Pz 38s (E&H) are vulnerable only if they show their side facings. French light tank models aren't vulnerable at all, even from the sides.

Know the capability of your armor. If it can withstand ATR fire, feel free to drive down to 50-100m. Use your MGs at such ranges, and partisans will quickly head for the hills. Just be sure to stay buttoned, and keep 50m from cover, so he can't get close enough for close assault without stepping into the open.

The more vulnerable SPWs should "keyhole" between trees or around houses etc to only give LOS to a single spotted enemy. That minimizes the places an ATR can get LOS from. It also helps localize where one is if you do take ATR fire. Also, a LOS line that passes through a patch of trees not thick enough to block LOS will dramatically reduce the accuracy of his AT fire, while making only a slight difference for your own MGs.

Engage his infantry with your vehicle MGs. Then "advance" (that order) your own infantry through cover. You want to get within 100m - in thick woods at the edge of LOS around 30m or so away - with your own squad infantry, in more than platoon strength in any local firefight. Don't push too hard - when your own infantry start to pin, pause and fire.

If your vehicles have him pinned your own infantry can get close and waste them with ease. It is hard to actually kill a large body of infantry in cover with just a few MGs on vehicles. While half company size groups of infantry will murder pinned infantry inside of 5 minutes, even in heavy cover.

The other thing your vehicles can do, especially tanks thick enough to ignore ATR fire, is drive to spots that cross MG lines behind the body of cover you plan to attack next. Cut the retreat route, in other words. That will also keep him from sending in additional men to stop your infantry push.

The effect you want is for almost all your infantry to fight only a platoon or so of his, with his already pinned. Then repeat on the next group. You have to watch your ammo expenditure from your squad infantry, but you should be able to kill your own infantry numbers or more, without appreciably loss (beyond low ammo, maybe one vehicle disabled by a lucky ATR, a few men hit in each squad).

I hope this helps.

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One other question. Is it a good idea to send out 'cheap' recon units ahead of your main force? I've usually been sending cheap units like jeeps and half tracks ahead of my main force. These units usually get wasted by enemy fire, but its a bit useful because it forces the enemy to reveal their location. I've used this tactic with 'limited' sucess. Does anyone else do this or have any other advice on how to employ this tacitc?

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Scouting with vehicles tends to be too expensive: soft vehicles can't stand enemy fire, and hard vehicles have to button up, so they're unable to spot much.

Use half squads instead. Maneuver them within the LOS of your better units, and have them ready to open fire at any spotted enemy units. The cardinal rule is to never allow your scouts to advance beyond the fire support of your main force.

Well, this is not the case if you wish to try risky infiltration tactics, attempting to sneak a platoon to the flank of your opponent. I do not recommend this though, unless the map is exceedingly big in comparison to the troop count. All even remotely seasoned players remember to place several cheap units to act as lone flank guards. (This problem will stick until borg spotting is fixed).

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