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Your most LOVED and your most HATED tank

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Most favorite tank: varies all the time, but I do have an inordinate fondness for anything with a 100mm+ main gun and/or flamethrower. I always get a kick out of demolishing/incinerating buildings and seeing the little troops scurry away ("Rettet euch!") when I assault towns.

Least favorite: probably the Pz. IV in general, but mainly just because of bad memories of it from CMBO smile.gif

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Love - T-34/85 with a Regular or above crew.

Hate - T-26 and BT-7.

Awe inspiring - SU-100, OT-34, and KV-2.

(Edit: I'd like to give the Lend Lease Brit Matilda II an honorable mention. Just because of the memories I have of it from WWII Online. Once you sat in that thing and there were no 88s around, you were basicaly God.)

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Pz III's with the long 50mm guns and the THICK front armor. Those things are AWESOME!!! They look like a tank should look, in my opinion. smile.gif

I "used" to love the T-34/85. Especially after trashing all those Tigers in Danube Blues. WOOT!

Last night, however . . . during a TCP/IP game I had 4 of the T-34/85's and was up against 2 pzIV's and 3 Stug's.

I never even scored a single hit. I on the other hand, was NEVER missed! Ugh! Even while racing down a road at top speed, perpendicular to the angle of attack. FAST move! First shot. BANG/KLANG! CRASH. Heh heh.

The germans out-spotted me. Out-shot me and out-reloaded me. NASTY!!

The map was good for stugs, as well.


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most sympathy: Panther , moves swift, lookes nice, n`sure uses it`s "small(later)" 75mm effectiv.

most loved: while, i tend to the StuGs-familiy, esp. the StuG IV, depending on it`s model.(thx to patch 1.02)

most hated: elephant/ferdinand.. n` no question why! there are too many things to mention..

anyway, with each "gorgeous" mod, gamin` turns out fun..even with "less-effectiv" auxillary forces!

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The T-34/85 has that combination of capability and vulnerability that (sometimes) inspires love.

In CMBO, I hated the Hotchkis and maybe the T-26 qualifies for that honor in CMBB. Like they say in the song, it's "got no reason, no reason to live...." In enemy hands its an irritant, and in one's own hands a death trap. I hate enemy Panthers when they're used effectively. I hate my own Panthers when they die too fast and cost me mucho kill points. The list goes on.

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:eek: Somebody spotted me!

Well, FB is delayed (I have the beta, but I am fed up with its bugs) and RSColonel told me about CMBB. Suddenly I found myself interested in Army stuff, even though I tended to look down on the folks in green (as I was in the Navy) when I was in service.

I allready annyoed RSColonel majorly in a PBEM (my immobilized Sherman 75 took out his Tiger with the first shot frontally).

But honestly I was a little scared of this board (as I only understood half of what was posted) so I resorted to lurking. Due to Col.'s explanation and the FAQ, I know now what most of the stuff is (Peng challenges and so) but what it means remains a mystery to me...

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early war: I love the 38(t)E...it's cheap, pretty quick, and kills KV's as well as the Pz IV's do... ;)

when I am Tovarich Zimorodok :cool: , I like the T-26, or the flamethrower version. I guess I could put in a vote for the KV-1, but I never feel like I'm fighting fair when I'm piloting one. (once, as a test, I pitted a conscript KV-1 against 10 platoons of regular I, II's and III's. Finally I burned it with a flammpanzer, after it killed 45 tanks... :mad: )

later in the war, I like the KT. Sure, I can't take it off road, but it kills all things and shrugs off most hits. Panther D's are good killers as well, but they don't resist 122mm nearly as well...

My girlfriend likes the R-35/s-35 etc. I had a scenario with 2 of them and a KT against some Shermans and after looking over my shoulder and seeing the little bugger next to a KT, she said they were "cute". Then she asked if people really got in those things when there were bigger tanks around. She likes the "end of battle" (taps) sound too. I get "didja kill 'em all honey?" from the other room.


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Originally posted by Zimorodok:


She likes the "end of battle" (taps) sound too. I get "didja kill 'em all honey?" from the other room.


Haha My Girlfriend usually tells people I am busy saving the world when they call

Love: StuG IIIG late

Hate: T-34/85

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