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question on military museums in Budapest-which is best for CM'ers?

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I was in Budapest back in '96. Great town, mediocre food, decent beer, but BEAUTIFUL tall girls everywhere (don't tell the missus). The museum was being renovated while I was there. :mad: If my memory serves it is on the Buda side of the Danube. There is a large monument dedicated to the Russian "liberators". Find that and you'll know you are close. One "must see" is Gellert Hill, and the Citadel that is perched on top. This is on ther "Pest" side of the river. It provides you with a spectacular view of the city. You can also see why the Germans made their last stand there.You will also see the many bridges that had to be rebuilt after the war.

Note that there are at least three train stations in the city. The Romanians and Hungarians had a ferocious fight to the one "Budapest Kaleda (I THINK that it is what it was called, or something similar). :confused:

If you have time, you should also think about Bucharest, Romania. This city is not nearly as scenic but it actually has a BETTER museum. You can check out the T-4, R-35, and Tacam-to name a few on display outside still in their Romanian markings. Good photos for future mods. I did NOT recall seeing any tank statues in Budapest.

I hope this helps a bit.

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There are also several websites out there about Hungary and WWII. Unfortunately, most of these are in Hungarian. I remember stumbling upon a few via the Actung Panzer! weblinks page. Give that a try.

As for the city itself, try Lonely Planet Travel Guide, Fodor's, or just search Budapest on the net.

You will find many English speakers there as well, except for those that work with public transportation. The subway system is very reliable, but, back in '96 few signs were in English.

Remember that my info is now seven years old, so, I am sure much has changed.

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I hope I'm not too late, but the Military Museum there is on the Castle Hill at the Buda side of the city.

Address: Tóth Árpád sétány 40.

The name of this museum in hungarian: Hadtörténeti Múzeum

Monday is closed. Other days open from 10:00 to 18:00

I like it. It's the best for a CM player.

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I'm not sure but in summer they (the museum) open it's inner garden and there are some military vehicle, but tooz have right: there's not too much WWII AFV.

In winter they organised a WWII memorial month near from the museum (look at this topic) and they transported a Nimrod and a T-34 to the Kapistran square (side of museum). If you are lucky that will be there... But if not, you can search the Nimrod at the garden of Military Academy of Zrinyi Miklos (do you remember Zrinyi AFV from CMBB? :)) near to metro station "Nepliget".

Have a good time in Budapest!

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I happened to go to Budapest back in 2000 and did visit the military museum. The only one I know of there is the Hungarian National Military Museum in the Buda castle complex. IIRC, it is on the very NW corner of the place. When I was there, they had a very cool exhibit. Wrapping around the museum they had a historical progression of weapons starting with the bronze age up to the current era. There was a World War II room as well.

One thing to note: all national military museums are propaganda of some sort and quite clearly national shrines. If the Hungarian one were to be believed, WWII did not start until the soviets crossed the Hungarian frontier.

There are also a few very cool military sites in the region, although they are more 16th-17th century Ottomans vs. Austrians things. The first, merely a day trip from Budapest, is Eger Castle. An interesting museum and definitely a shrine, it marked the High Water Mark of Turkish incursion into Europe. It is an amazing site--12th century castle on top, proto-modern tunnel complex below. I also highly recommend the local wines, purchasable fresh from the keg for $2 a liter or so.

The other interesting site is over in Austria. In a little town called Graz there is a complete 15th century armory. And I really mean complete, to the point that one could equip a 5000 man strong 15th century army.

Hope this helps.


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