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Updated Several Mods Recently

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Just to recap that a few of my so called mods have been redone and reposted lately.

Winterized Soviet T34/85 model-43

Winterized Soviet T34-m43, OT43-m43

Winterized German Yellow FlakTracks, standalone quad 20mm and 37mm AA guns. I'm still not happy with this look, but I just got too burnt out fighting with it for now.

Winterized German Grey Flaktracks, standalone quad 20mm and 37mm AA guns. I was sorta experimenting with a hasty applied, well worn look. I've kept version three up also. Plus I see UncleTgt has had a go at the grey version with his look, ya might what to check them out, if ya haven't already.

I'm sorry about those whitewashed french tanks, frankly I'm not so sure they should've of been posted as they are.

David, I'll see what I can do with those sometime in the near future.

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"You are the Winter King."--David I

I heartily agree! Since you're tweaking past mods may I ask for a new WW Marder III? I love--and use--your WW Marders for in CMAK, but do any of the Marder III's in CMAK (IIIM, IIIH and obviously NOT the IIIĀ®) work for CMBB? I do have a snow-covered Marder III winter mod, but the file must be corrupt because the shield is weird (plain grey?).

Also (!), didn't you make a WW Gelb MkIII M (late)mod? I am wondering if this was done, but lost in the CMMODS crash? Am I right about this?

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Tooz, I haven't as of yet, done anything with the yellow panzerIII's, other then MikeyD's new N model that is.

It seems to me that this isn't the first time this ground has been covered.

If you don't have the yellow based pzIII-M, early or late in some form of a winterized look, I'd suggest you use the versions in Gorden Molek's commos packs.

The number sets are as follows,

The PzIII-m early is numbered from 162260 - 162271

The PzIII-m late is numbered from 57260 - 57279

There are winterized marders in the assault guns and self-propelled guns cmmos packs also, over too cmhq.

So the yellow tanks and AG packs are on this first page here,


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Dey, what I am saying is that I would prefer YOUR version of ww Marder IIIs (with apologies to Gordon--his mods are great, but they were done almost four years ago). Your new white paint coat is cool. So, if you have the time... ;)

Will renumbering my Grey MkIIIM show up as a Gelb MkIIIM late in the game?

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Will renumbering my Grey MkIIIM show up as a Gelb MkIIIM late in the game
You could do that quite easy for the early model by just adding a 1 to the front of the number, but the late model will need a a lot more work, you will have to do a side by side comparison to renumber and also there is no grey colored skirts for it.

Though you could just use a total pinked-out blank for the skirt bmps, this then would have the late model appear in game as skirtless.

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