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Advice for mini CMBB tournament

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Me and 7 friends would like to run a little CMBB tourney. I came here to get some advice on the best ways to go about it.

I was going to use some scenarios from the ROW III tourney. I have played none of them and I do not think anyone else in the group has.

How should it work, round robin? single elim?

should each scenario be played by each player as each side.

Any help would be appreciated.

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There are several ways to do it. You can adopt the same method used in ROW III, or a side-swap system that is used on other tourneys. Keep in mind that in the side-swap method FOW is compromised once the scenario is played, which may affect the score.

If you choose the ROW method then I would suggest using all 5 of the ROW III scenarios in the regular round, plus 1 from the finals. This will allow all 8 players to play each opponent once, and each scenario once.

To ensure FOW you'll need to send out each scenario already started, and briefings removed. Make sure to use the actual ROW III versions of these scenarios, rather than the ones available at Boots and Tracks, which are modified for general use. E-mail me and I can send them to you with the briefings already removed.

Once all scores are in you can run them thru the scoring program and calculate the winner.

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I am not sure what system the ROW uses - possibly it is the Nabla. The Nabla method of scoring is sophisticated and the result of truly extensive discussions on the forum. It allows for comparative scoring for both sides in each scenario and suggests how to run a tourney.

Found here


Only 33 pages! but once you appreciate the beauty of the system and the problems it solves .....

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