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MOD!!! Soviet Winter Whites!!!

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Mid- and late-war white camo uniforms for all Soviet infantry units. Go get 'em!

They all pretty much are identical, except in a couple instances.




Airborne troops.

It's another Big Mother 5MB download. Better get started now. smile.gif

Forgot to add: posted replacement helmets sans red star for those whiney-butts who claimed they were "ahistorical". ;)

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Very nice Andrew, I am working my way to modding infantry and I plan to see your name on my spreadsheet (yeah yeah I know I am sick) even more than it is now (MARDER II and Winter Hetzer).

PanzerMartin could you answer my Pz38 question below down the page. thanks.

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I'm getting them too. This is by no means critical, all my troops will be modelling 'TF' designer gear this year :D , but can/should the white be a little more yellow/grey/dull. I'm not sure what material they used so have no idea how bright white they should be. Perhaps what VJ was referring to. I don't know whether such a change could be applied across the board easily or not?

I have alll the quilted sets too. I like them but something in me just likes the white kit for troops in Winter. Too much 'Where Eagle's Dare' I suppose ;)

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Looks awesome. But maybe bit too clean for soviets.

Atleast here in finnish front soviets had usually quite dirty snow clothing. Or so vets say. Finns washed their snow clothing more often, but from pics ive seen it was usually still very dirty at times.

Those white clothes have to be washed very often to stay anywhere near near white looking.

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The color of the originals, AFAIK, is a bright white, so I kept it that way.

Yes, I know that white camo uniforms get pretty filthy at the front. I tried a dirty version, but it was difficult to get it to look good, so I ended up scrapping it. It just never looked convincing.

There may be a way to do it, I just don't have the time or patience. ;)

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