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The 7th

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I'm posting a letter to the editor of a hobby mag that you guys will appreciate, unfortunately I have to type the damn thing and my typing sucks, so hold on--

"I had the honor, in my 22 years in the US infantry of serving in or with all three of the wonderful sevens.

The 7th Army fought its way into Europe in WWII and stayed on with headquarters in Stuttgart.

The 7th infantry division originated in New Mexico sallying forth from Fort Ord, Cal. to Attu in the aleutians (Alaska ed) then via a half a dozen battles to occupy Korea.

The 7th Infantry (no name stated by army custom) is the 7th Infantry Regiment with 200 years of service including North Africa to Bertchesgaden, Germany (first US troops there), to Korea with the 39thInfantry Division, where they covered the withdrawal of Marines and the 7th Infantry Division from Hungnman. The 7th Infantry were the last troops to embark and held off the Red chinese above Seoul in June-July, 1953. That regiment has the most battle streamerson its colors in the US army.

An alert reader might guess that I claim membership in the 7th Infantry. Our crest shows a cotton bale, an honor earned in the Battle of New Orleans, War of 1812."

Dr. JW Kerr author

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